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Chakras – The Chairs Of Passion Within The Body

I moved to an energy-focusing session of Tantra having an opposite-sexed physiotherapist once.

The session led into summoning up fire in addition to its own observation.

You will find just two things – the very first, the fire; along with also the second, the chair of fire.

Here – in those locations – was that the fire centered from the body:

The hara – the centre point between the solar plexus and the bed!

These were the areas where I’d felt it based whilst working together with the physiotherapist.

Subsequently the location of those areas gave me a clue.

The chairs of fire coincided with the chairs of chakras said in the early scriptures.

What had those scriptures mentioned about the third eye chakra – the chairs of fire within the body?

I researched.

Traditional literature chakras were filled with esoteric and mysterious claims within an unconvincingly authoritative manner. It seemed to me like they had been speaking of another world entirely that you and I didn’t appear to have any actual connection with!

Disillusioned of all of the esoteric descriptions and the mysterious asserts these scriptures were creating, I dropped back into my sources – my entire body sensitivity, along with my grey thing ‘s logic; and I started experiencing them throughout my entire body postures in its own trials and errors, my energy fire of significance for those chairs of fire in the entire body, and my grey thing ‘s honesty of rationale.

I worked alone for nearly a year following this, and created an entire, but plausible body of knowledge about the seat of fire from the human body.

Before I explain chronologically what all I did, I’ll like you to have an summary of where all I landed at the finish; before I took up the last flight to make it to the precise seat of fire from the human body.