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Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

Among other species, mushrooms are the fruiting nutrients that come under the kingdom of fungi. Useful for many prupose, mushrooms have been the delighted yums of all times. Whether you use it in your pasta, or decorate your pizza with the toppings of different mushrooms, these nutrients serve you at various places. Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are the famous types among other mushrooms.

With the golden yellow caps on the top of these species, they look amazing. Psilocybe cubensis, are the potent species from the family of shroom spores, and are commonly known as ‘boomers’, ‘golden top’. The main parts of cubensis are its cap, veil, gills, stripe and bruising. With the help of organic materials, the cubensis like all other fungi feed and break down on them, for getting energy. The major psychoactive elements in these mushrooms include:

* Psilocin

* Psilocybin

* Baeocystin

* Norbaeocystin

The effect of the psilocybe cubensis on an individual varies depending upon this/her emotional, physical, mental health problems, previous drugs usage. All these factors create a profound impact while a person gets ingested with these products. You will not find any fixed amount of the dose of these cubensis to provide,. Typically a one gram of dried or powdered form of cubensis, is ingested orally. This little amount produces a mild effect on the consumer. And consuming this little quantity can result in the good effects, specifically the positive mental effects.

Psilocybe cubensis, is popular for the hallucinogenic properties, produced after its consumption. During the mild effect, it produces tremendous relaxed and peaceful feelings for someone. But the over dosage or the use in excessive quantity, can generate harmful consequences for that consumer. On consuming excessive amounts, the hallucinations turn into weird anxiety, sadness. The physical effects or symptoms appearing after excessive usage are naussea, extreme coldness, pupil dilation.